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Contract Vitamin Manufacturing

For over 35 years Lifeplan has made the highest quality vitamin, mineral and botanical supplements for customers worldwide.
Based on family values, the brand was founded in rural Leicestershire in 1983 and we remain on our original site, although we have significantly expanded our operation over the past few years. As our supplement and vitamin manufacturing operation has grown so has our capability as a contract manufacturer and we maintain our commitment to creating the finest quality nutritional products.
Contract Vitamin Manufacturing
Our Investment
Our Investment
Lifeplan’s vitamin manufacturing facility has seen a major overhaul recently with 9 new machines having being installed.
This investment means that our production process is more streamlined, allowing for maximum manufacturing flow in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible whilst maintaining Lifeplan’s high quality standards.
Our Machines
In our vitamin manufacturing facility, we have two blending machines. Our 600 litre Y cone blender allows us the flexibility to blend both small and large batch sizes. The second machine is state of the art and means that we can to do smaller bespoke blends which go straight from blending into production for maximum efficiency.
Tablet Presses
We have a variety of high speed presses capable of pressing tablets into the desired size and shape to suit our customers’ needs. All our tablet presses have interchangeable tooling for total flexibility. Whether the requirement is for large or small production runs, we can manage both efficiently, with fast change over times to ensure we deliver economical solutions for our customers. We can accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as timed or sustained release tablets and sublingual or flavoured formulations as well. We are also able to source any requirement for soft gels.
Semi-auto Capsule Machines
We use semi-automatic encapsulation machines because they have an excellent reputation in terms of capsule fill accuracies and capsule integrity. Coupled with fully automatic machines which allow us to maintain a competitive price for large volume orders but still allow us to remain flexible with quantities. We can produce Gelatin, Vegan, Vegetarian and Kosher two-piece capsules in sizes available: 2, 1, 0, 00 and 00EL.
Coating Machines
We have two coating machines each with varying capacities. One machine can do smaller batch sizes that require more flexibility and the other handles larger volume orders. The machines not only coat the tablets with the desired colour, they can also apply different coatings, as required, such as film or enteric aqueous based coatings.
Metal Detecting Machine
With the ability to detect metal in any finished goods our metal detector ensures that our products are made using the safest methods. Having a metal detecting machine helps with our planned BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification. This internationally recognised standard of food safety will complement our GMP certification and MHRA License.
Packaging Machines
Full suite of packaging machinery including high speed tablet counters, automatic lidding and labelling machines and induction heat sealers
We offer over 35 years industry experience and a commitment to create for you the finest quality nutritional products, formulated and manufactured in the UK by ourselves to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and under GMP MHRA pharmaceutical license.
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